I have been working with Lauren for three weeks to help with my chronic back pain that started after an injection I received in 2011. Lauren is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable but best of all patient, flexible and motivating.


Lauren is the real deal. Her forte is helping athletes with injuries bounce back. She has helped me, a former college athlete who went too hard for too long, heal after a back and knee injury. She also helped me find a workout regime that works for me - with the goal of finding longterm health and longevity. She also has one of the most energetic personalities and makes working out really fun. I highly, highly recommend.


Two workouts in and it's official, Lauren is a phenomenal trainer. She has my deadlift and squat form on point, and I'm finally confident that I'm progressing toward goals without risking injury. Personally I'm not using her for programming; but no matter your goals, her knowledge, creativity, and motivation will push your workouts to the next level. That and you will have way more fun working out with her than without! Thanks Lauren!


Hands down one of the best trainers around. Lauren lives what she preaches and goes out of her way to help others achieve their goals.


Lauren is a fantastic trainer! She excels at motivating clients on every level of fitness. She had helped improved my form in weight lifting and makes working out fun!


Working out with Lauren isn't just instant results.. she's patient, inspiring, positive, and mindful of your own personal goals. She will help you get on a road to success in no time! I can't wait to work out with her on a regular basis!


Love training with Lauren! I always feel so much better after our sessions! She's an excellent motivator and wonderful person!


Lauren is amazing!! She is extremely knowledgeable and also positive and upbeat while delivering a very effective work out. I would recommend her to anyone!