About Me

Hello! I'm a certified personal trainer with a passion for helping others get healthy and stay healthy. My mission is to inspire others to be their best self by helping them discover a way of life that is sustainable, through good nutrition and an active lifestyle.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer - 2010

USAW (USA Weightlifting) Level 1 Coach - 2015

Crossfit Level 1 - Coming September 2018

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist - Coming 2018



From a young child I remember my mom always making sure that we had our veggies and that our meals were balanced. My parents even went through a strict Zone Diet phase where our Saturday morning pancakes no longer resembled pancakes they were so healthy. I took this knowledge with me throughout life, but as I grew up and went to high school and then college, I struggled with my weight, emotional eating and over-eating. I love food and I had a very hard time maintaining a healthy relationship with it, in turn leading me to struggling with my weight. I went from being an athlete to gaining the Freshman 15 (more like 25 in my case) and my self confidence was at an all time low. I was partying 4-5 times a week, making poor health choices and wasn't moving my body hardly at all. I had lost myself. 

When I was 20 I moved in with my sister, who has always been a huge inspiration to me. She was working as a personal trainer and doing adventure races for fun. She was the epitome of health to me. She helped me get back into working out and being conscious of what I was putting in my body and this started my journey to a healthier life.

Then in 2008, I met my husband and we got married 8 months later. He's so athletic and was in crazy shape. He inspired me to get in better shape and really pushed me to challenge myself. I lost 15lbs the first year we were married and really started to love working out again. I remember getting off of work around 9pm and running 3 miles around my block many times each week. Also, I would run about a mile to the gym, do a lifting workout and then run back home. 

This has been a long journey for me. I've worked very hard over the last 10 years to hone in on how to live a healthy life, without deprivation and yo-yo dieting. I've worked with mindset coaches and nutrition coaches not only for a healthy body, but a healthy mind. They go hand in hand! I know what it is like to feel out of control in your own body.

My goal is to help you learn how to implement healthy habits into your life that are sustainable and simple. I coach people on getting their mind right, while improving their overall health. I truly believe Mindset Is Everything... and until your mind is in the right place the struggle is REAL.  

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A coach by nature, one of my passions is education, so I'd love to chat with you more about fitness, nutrition, mindset and how I can help you with your health. My inbox is always open!